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среда, 04. новембар 2009.

Mala crvena haljina // Little red dress

Haljina od somota koja se takodje moze nositi i kao tunika odlicna je za raznorazne odevne kombinacije! Velicina je M/L, ali sa kaisem oko struka moze odgovarati i velicini S! Haljina je od somota sa izuzetno zanimljivim cvetnim dezenom!
cena: 1600 RSD

This vintage garment may be a tunic and a mini dress as well. It has a wonderful rose print and is made of suede. Size is M/L, but when worn with a belt it may be fitted to size S (look at the photo). Heart shaped belt is not included, you may buy it separately (look for it at Jane's etsy shop). Vintage condition is excellent!

Price: 18 Euro

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